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January 29, 2010

Day Nineteen: The Wonders of the Thumb

Day nineteen of the adventures of the stay at home mom started off with a bang; today was bath day! As those of you who follow my blog already know, Nathaniel does not like bathing in the baby bathtub. The last time we attempted this, the product was a clean but very unhappy baby so today we opted for a shower.

Juggling around a wet, slippery baby is the very definition of challenging, but Nathaniel enjoyed the shower infinitely more than another attempt at the baby bathtub. With a clean and happy baby post-shower, I think it's safe to say that we will be going the shower route until Nathaniel is old enough to sit up in the real bathtub.

While snuggling with mama later in the afternoon, Nathaniel discovered the joys of sucking his thumb. For the last week or so, he has been sucking his hands on and off but this afternoon he switched to sucking just his little thumb, much to the chagrin of this mama who would much rather have him sucking on a pacifier.

This is exactly why I keep Nathaniel's hands covered with fold-over onesies or baby mittens when we are anywhere outside of our house. People love little baby hands and have no qualms about touching them. About the time that someone touches my little guy's hands without first washing their own, Nathaniel will be coming down with yet another cold. So until this flu season is a thing of the past, I will continue to keep my son's hands covered because the last thing I want is to have my nearly one-month old child getting sick again! I will climb off my soapbox now...

Before I leave you all for the afternoon in favor of tackling the pile of laundry which has overtaken my bed, I wanted to share another video with you. Baby hiccups are absolutely adorable... but clearly, Nathaniel doesn't agree!


  1. Just a thought, have you ever thought of bathing with him? Sophia loves to bathe with me. We probably do it once or twice a week. She loves it!

  2. I might have to try that- it sounds much easier than trying to shower with him! :)