January 20, 2010

Beware the Late-Night Ramblings of an Exhausted Mama

I am a night person... or rather, I used to be a night person before I pushed another human being out of my body. I would stay up until all hours of the night watching late-night reruns and cheesy TV movies. Now, I'm lucky if I make it to midnight in a semi-conscious state and, to the chagrin of my blog readers, this is often the state in which I am writing these days.

This would not be an issue, but for the fact that I have a tendency to leave out key points of information in my blog when I am half-asleep, thus making my ramblings less and less coherent. Case in point: my blog entitled The Magical Pacifier. During the composition, I managed to leave out key information; in this case, the knowledge that we don't use a pacifier constantly and that it can, at times, be the one and only thing which will soothe Nathaniel when he is fussing, which is why we have chosen to try to find a nook that he will take.

So I extend my thanks to the anonymous posters who commented on my blog last night and pointed out the missing information... while simultaneously warning all of my readers to beware the late-night ramblings of an exhausted mama!!


  1. I am also finding that while I used to be able to stay awake until all hours of the night, since becoming a mom, I can hardly make it past 10pm!