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December 12, 2009

Only In My Dreams...

Last night, I dreamed that my water had broken and that I was in labor. Imagine my disappointment to awake, only to find that my water had not broken and that I was still awaiting labor just as impatiently as when I fell asleep.

I suppose it really is my own fault for falling asleep thinking about my water breaking and going into labor. I've certainly thought and prayed about it enough over the past week, hoping and asking that Baby G would be ready and that I would find myself delivering a child sometime within the next week, but as the days continue to fly by and while I know that it will come eventually, I still selfishly cling to the hope that it comes at a time that is convenient for our little family.

Part of me hopes that this will occur within a week or so in order that Jonathan and I can keep our trip to the hospital a surprise from friends and family until our baby is born. As of now, we do not plan to call and notify people when I go into labor. Obviously, this would be much more difficult to keep a surprise if we are in the middle of a family Christmas celebration when it comes time to go to the hospital.

As I've alluded to in previous blogs, I also want our child to enjoy a birthday apart from the Christmas season as much as possible. Each day that his birthday is farther from December 25th will make it easier to celebrate our son's birth and make it distinct from the Christmas celebration.

Finally, I continue to hope for an early delivery for my own comfort and convenience. These last few weeks have been particularly difficult; I'm dealing with rib and pelvic pain and, much to my chagrin, my PUPPS has begun to spread to my arms and legs. I want my child to be born fully developed and healthy, but I truly miss feeling good and I can hardly wait to know that feeling again.

So I will continue to dream about the day that I will finally be able to meet my little boy... and hope that it comes soon.


  1. We are praying for you too! Hang in there. :D

  2. I know how you feel. Though My little boy is due in exactly 2 months (feb 14th), I had a break down over the weekend of wanting my body back, but i want him fully developed.
    As to the birthday issue, mine is Dec 19th and my mother would actually FORGET my birthday. If you remember it, your good. Here are a few tips though to help you out later down the road:
    1. ALWAYS wrap his birthday gifts seperate from his Christmas gifts. By this I mean, don't use christmas paper...use newspaper before christmas paper even.
    2. Don't buy him 'Christmas/winter stuff'. Meaning, don't buy him stuff he can only use at christmas time or stuf with snowmen on it ect.
    3. Try to have a celebration of your own seperate from a christmas celebration for his birthday. A man in my family, his birthday is Dec 24th. When we go over for Christmas it is 'Happy Birthday' from 12pm - 3pm...then 3pm - 5pm is "Merry Christmas". That side of the family's christmas is on his birthday, Christmas Eve. His wife would even go so far as to not put up the christmas tree until the kids went to sleep then she would wall paper the living room enterence and the kids would have to tear it down to get in to see that 'santa' put up the tree and left gifts. I'm not saying to go that far, but its a neat idea anyway.
    Good luck, and thanks for the blogging. It's nice hearing the actual stories other then what we just hear on the Bump.