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December 18, 2009


We are nearing the end of our long, 40 week journey and I can't help but to be a little nostalgic about where we are and where we have been. It feels like only yesterday that I bought a pregnancy test at the drug store and Jonathan and I received the news that our lives would change forever.

It's hard to believe that we first saw our little boy 32 weeks ago via ultrasound and all that could be distinguished was a tiny little dot on the screen. We have come so far as a family from that time, overcoming a subchorionic hemorrhage, morning sickness, various aches and pains, and the scare of our little one being diagnosed with premature atrial contractions. For all the challenges we have encountered over the last 38 weeks however, there have been a greater number of exciting and wonderful experiences. I will never forget the excitement of telling our friends and family that we were expecting a baby. Likewise, I will always remember feeling the baby move and kick for the first time, and the equal joy I felt when Jonathan felt his first kicks.

I will never forget the thrill we experienced when we found out that we were expecting a baby boy at 18 weeks or the hundreds of names we discussed before settling on the right name for our child. I will always smile and laugh at the memory of putting Baby G's crib together with Jonathan and the excitement of watching my belly move as our little boy kicks and stretches.

In so many ways, the last 38 weeks have gone by in a flash, yet now as we approach the end of this time, the anticipation of what is to come bears down on us and every moment drags on. There have been so many wonderful surprises that have taken place over the past weeks and months of this journey; now we wait for the final surprise, the birth of our little boy, with eager anticipation that cannot be described with words.

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