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December 7, 2009

Midnight Madness in L&D

Yes, we ended up in Labor & Delivery last night. No, we didn't have Baby G. Yes, we are all doing fine! For those of you wondering what the heck is going on, here's the latest...

This weekend brought about a new pregnancy symptom- sharp, stabbing rib pain. At first I thought it was just the baby pressed up against my ribs and expected the pain to go away by itself. After suffering through this unpleasant sensation since Friday night, I finally decided to put a call in to the hospital nurse line late Sunday. The nurse asked many different questions, trying to determine what was wrong and finally sent us in to the ER to be checked.

Jonathan drove us to the hospital and the ER sent us up to the Labor & Delivery Unit, since we are so close to being full-term. Immediately upon our arrival, we were greeted by a very friendly nurse and hooked up to the monitors.

We could see that Baby G was doing great and the nurse continued to comment on how active he was. The monitors showed that his heartbeat was both strong and within a very healthy range, and that I wasn't contracting.

The nurse examined the area causing so much pain and couldn't pinpoint exactly what was causing the discomfort. She called our OB and discussed the situation; the exam ruled-out any immediate concerns such as a gallbladder or kidney problem so our OB sent us home with instructions to take Extra-Strength Tylenol until our 37 week appointment on Wednesday.

It was a relief to know that there wasn't anything serious going on and to be reassured that whatever is causing this pain isn't a problem for our baby. For now, the plan is to tough this out until our next appointment, at which point we will discuss different options with our doctor.

The whole midnight run to Labor & Delivery was reassuring, but it left me feeling like a ticking time bomb, ready to go at any moment. I know that we are just short of being full-term, but actually being in the L&D unit and watching the monitors made me realize just how close we are to meeting our little boy. It's such a thrilling feeling, but I will be spending the next several weeks on pins-and-needles waiting for him to arrive...


  1. i'm sorry that you're in pain :/ i hope this goes away soon and that baby g continues to do great! only a couple more weeks and you'll be able to hold him :)

  2. Oh my!! I am glad that lil G is healthy and that your gonna be ok. Keeping tuned to see how soon he comes!