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December 28, 2009

Gearing Up for the Big Finish...

As many of you know, our doctor ordered an ultrasound at our 39 week OB appointment to determine how large our little boy has grown to be. Given the fact that the cut-off point for a vaginal versus cesarean delivery is 10 pounds at our doctor's office, there has been some concern that Baby G may not be able to be born vaginally.

In the weeks leading up to this appointment, I truly didn't believe that it made any difference whether or not we had a vaginal or cesarean delivery. While the most important factor in this equation still remains the health of our little boy, over the course of the last week, I have realized how badly I want to try to have a vaginal delivery rather than jumping straight to the surgical option. I would never sacrifice the health of my child for this desire, but if there is the possibility that I could successfully deliver a healthy baby vaginally, I want to have that experience!

Our ultrasound was originally scheduled for December 30th, but I managed to get it moved to today. I went in to our hospital and the technician scanned our little boy; the results were much what I expected to hear. Baby G measures 41 weeks and weighs 9 pounds 11 ounces.

After the ultrasound, the technician called my OB's office and spoke with one of the OBs since mine was gone for the day. The OB told the technician that we needed to seriously consider getting things moving along at this point and that my weekly appointment needed to be moved from Wednesday to Tuesday so that we could address the best course of action to take for our little boy.

At this point, I am very much hoping for an induction. I know this is a far cry from what I wanted when I first got pregnant, but given the size of our little boy and how far along we are in this pregnancy, I am genuinely comfortable with this idea.

I know that there is a possibility that I could still deliver my son via c-section if the induction were to fail and I have accepted that, but I can't accept the idea that I won't even be given the choice to try for the delivery I want.

In order to be induced, I will have had to make further progress toward labor in this last week. As of our 39 week appointment, my cervix was not considered "favorable" enough for an induction and, due to hospital rules, an induction would not be an option. Six days will have passed by the time we go in for our appointment tomorrow and I can only hope and pray that we have continued to make progress and that the possibility of an induction becomes a reality...

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