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December 27, 2009

A Belated Christmas Present?

For those of you who have been wondering if we are still pregnant due to the pause in blogging over the last few days, let me clear the air for you; Baby G hasn't made his grand entrance yet. In fact, he seems quite comfortable hanging out where he is, although mama and daddy are very much hoping that he arrives as a belated Christmas present within a few days.

In the spirit of Christmas though, I thought I would share a few of the lovely pictures we have gathered from this holiday season.
The FAVs on Christmas Day

Our Family on Christmas Day

Jonathan and I on Christmas
Beyond the numerous celebrations, we have also been able to put a bit more work into preparing Baby G's room. For Christmas, Grandpa built a toy chest for our family and we have now moved all of our little boy's toys and puzzles into this new space. The chest is beautiful and I couldn't resist the opportunity to show all of you how it looks in our baby's room!
Toy Chest

Inscription on the Inside of the Toy Chest

Feet of the Toy Chest
This has truly been a wonderful Christmas season for our family and we have another celebration later today! Although it would have been wonderful to be a family of three this holiday season, there was something special about Jonathan and I having our first Christmas together as a married couple and enjoying that time, knowing that next year will be so different!


  1. It's so strange to hear your parents referred to as 'grandpa and grandma'!

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  3. awww! lil man got spoiled this christmas! that chest is amazing!!!! can't wait to see the "baby g came!!!" post! love you!