December 2, 2009

41 And Counting...

It has come time to add yet another picture of my freezer to this blog. After finally cooking the turkey Jonathan received from work last week, I had what I needed to make an obscenely large batch of turkey soup. Using my favorite pot (24 quarts), I made what was quite possibly the largest batch of soup known to mankind and added another ten meals to our freezer in the process. The grand total is now 41 meals...

Our Jigsaw Puzzle of a Freezer

For those who are curious, turkey soup is extremely easy to make. The only constraint is that it is time-consuming. I have included the recipe below for those of you who need freezer meal ideas.

Turkey Soup

1 Turkey Carcass
Turkey meat, separated into bite-sized pieces
Chicken broth
Chicken-flavored Soup Base
Brown Rice, cooked

Wrap turkey carcass in cheesecloth and place into large pot. Fill pot with water until the water covers the carcass. Boil for at least an hour. Remove carcass from pot and pour broth into the water. Continuing to stir, mix in chicken-flavored soup base to taste. More broth may be added if a larger quantity of soup is desired. Add rice and turkey meat and simmer for 30 minutes.


  1. I think we might have beat you on the amounts of turkey soup. DH made 3 gallons. I don't even like the stuff. ; p Good job on all the freezer meals. I wish I had the time and energy to make more but it looks like we are going to be at 25. Better than none!

  2. Nice work! I totally remember the free turkey at West... Very nice perk to not only have so many meals but some of it was free! Can't wait to meet baby G!

  3. how much of the ingredients do you put in to the soup? What is chicken flavor soup? i take it it's different then just broth since you have that down too? Do you also add veggies, I think I will. If you have has it still turned out fine when reheating? (i"m from the Bump as hdmill04)

  4. The amount of ingredients really depends on what consistency you want the soup to be and how you want it to taste. I usually put at least four or five cans of broth into the soup and then add soup base (powder that adds flavoring- you can usually buy it near the canned goods section in the grocery store) until I like the taste of the broth. The amount of turkey and rice just depends on the thickness of the soup- do you want it to have a lot of broth or do you want it to be more like a stew?

    I usually don't add veggies to this particular recipe, although you certainly could. This soup tastes just as good after being frozen, thawed, and reheated or just kept in the fridge for a few days. Hope that helps!