December 23, 2009

39 Weeks... The Adventure Continues!

This last week can be summed-up in one word: waiting. Baby G is not here yet, despite mama and daddy's best efforts at convincing, bribery, etc. Hopefully we will meet our little boy this coming week, but only time will tell!

We went to our 39 week OB appointment today and were pleasantly surprised to learn that we have made a little progress toward labor. We are still 50% effaced but Baby G is now at -1 station and I am dilated one centimeter! While this was exciting news, we were also told that my blood pressure was high once again at 132/90 and we were sent directly from the clinic over to Labor & Delivery.

Jonathan and I walked over to the hospital and were hooked up to the monitors for an NST (Non-Stress Test). The monitors showed that Baby G is doing just fine and I am having contractions, albeit not enough to put me into active labor.

While in Labor & Delivery, the doctor ordered blood work to be done to rule out the possibility that I had developed pre-ecclampsia in the last few weeks. Thankfully, the blood work came back completely normal and, after laying on my left side for awhile, my blood pressure readings came down as well.

So all is good with our little family and we are still waiting on this little boy's arrival. Jonathan and I are both very grateful that nothing is amiss with my health or Baby G's, and are excited to meet our little boy face-to-face!

Week 39 Stats for Baby G:
Uterine Measurement: 42cm
Heart Rate: 120bpm

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  1. Oh this might work....someone told me to tell Sophia that if she didn't come soon, she would have to start paying rent. Hehe.