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December 10, 2009

37 Weeks... Let The Fun Begin!

The 37 week mark has finally arrived and the wait to meet our little boy is nearly over!

This week has been a week of preparations; I have finished everything that I feel needs to be done before Baby G makes his appearance and was able to check a few very important things off of my list such as cleaning the house and packing our bags for the trip to the hospital. We are about as prepared as we possibly can be... now we're just waiting on our baby.

At this point, I do feel obligated to warn my male readers that I have no filter- Jonathan continues to remind me that I shouldn't say everything that comes to my mind! I will be writing about our progress toward labor in these blogs and will eventually include a blog about our labor and delivery experience that will likely include some personal information. If that makes you uncomfortable, you may want to skim over those parts...

We went to our 37 week OB appointment on Wednesday and everything is looking great. We are beginning to have a little progress toward labor; currently, I'm not dilated but my cervix is soft, baby is between -2 and -1 station, and I am 50% effaced (for those of you that don't know, this means that my cervix is 50% thinned out in preparation for labor). While I was hoping for a little more progress, I'm glad to see that my body is starting to get ready to have this child!

While we were at our appointment, we were able to discuss the trip we made to Labor & Delivery this past weekend with our doctor. I described the rib pain I've been experiencing this week and the doctor did a brief exam, explaining that she thought the most likely causes were either a strained muscle or a fractured rib. Either way, there isn't much that can be done other than hot/cold packs, Tylenol, and praying that Baby G comes quickly!

Baby G's Room
As you can see, our little boy's room is ready and we've heard many predictions about when he will be arriving. According to the poll I posted on this blog, most people think Baby G will either be a Christmas or New Year's Baby. All I can say is we'll have to wait and see, but rest assured that whenever Baby G decides to make his appearance, we will be posting pictures of him for everyone to see!

The countdown to meeting our little boy continues; 37 weeks down, 3 to go...

Week 37 Stats for Baby G:
-Uterine Measurement: 38cm
-Heart Rate: 140bpm
-Baby Bump: 49 1/2 inches

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