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November 10, 2009

Mama Can Breathe Again

Tonight, Jonathan and I are breathing a sigh of relief. We went in to see our OB this afternoon after my blood pressure incident yesterday. Thankfully, my blood pressure has gone down a bit and is no longer considered high. Although the reading was still high for my body, it fell within the range of normal blood pressure. Because the reading had increased substantially from earlier in my pregnancy, our doctor ordered a few blood tests to determine if I am developing pre-ecclampsia or if I have a mild case. We will receive the results of the blood tests in the next few days.

It is such a relief to know that Baby G is not in danger and I feel truly blessed. Although the last few weeks have certainly been a roller coaster of emotions for our family, God has been faithful and has taken care of our little boy.

Besides the obvious good news we received at our appointment, our doctor also told us that it felt as though Baby G was head-down, meaning that he has flipped from his breech position and is getting ready to make his big entrance!

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