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November 8, 2009

Deadlines for the Planner Mama

Over the last few days, I have spent a lot of time anticipating the events of this coming week, mainly our ultrasound appointment on Thursday. While I have decided that worrying about the possible outcomes of this appointment would be detrimental not only to my own sanity, but also to the health of myself and Baby G, I have come to the conclusion that is an excellent opportunity to complete any project that absolutely needs to be finished before Baby G arrives.

To answer the obvious question as to why I'm suddenly driven to this self-imposed deadline, I can only say that if the sky were to fall this week and we ended up welcoming Baby G into our family earlier rather than later, I want to be ready. To some, I'm sure that this seems like I'm worrying; I can only explain that I am choosing not to worry, rather I am planning and preparing for possible outcomes.

I am a planner. I always have been and I always will be. By thinking through and preparing for various outcomes, I find that I am much calmer and am better equipped to deal with challenging situations, should they arise. This is why I have imposed the deadline of Thursday on our family to complete all of the things which absolutely must be done before our baby arrives.

Thankfully, the list is rather short and I have limited myself to including only the things which we truly need to accomplish, rather than the vast list of things which "should be" done prior to our due date. By Thursday, the following things will be ready for Baby G:

*The diaper bag will be packed with everything Baby G will need at the hospital and everything that mama and daddy will need to change his diaper!

*The carseat will be installed and checked by a safety expert.

*Our hospital bag will be packed (as much as is possible) and will be ready to go. Anything that cannot be packed in advance will be put on a list so that it can be added to the bag at the last moment.

Call me crazy or blame it on the pregnancy hormones, but the planner has taken control. While it may seem like overkill (and I do realize that the odds of needing these things completed at this point are extremely slim), planning and preparation allow this mama to stay calm and not to worry... so the planning will continue!


  1. Your not crazy, and the prego hormones aren't flaring up either. That is one of the smartest ideas out there. I know of far too many people that don't plan ahead and are stuck day of, with half a brain trying to remember what they wanted to pack.

    Most hospitals have a car-seat-crew to check the safety of the seat prior to mommy & baby's discharge too.

    I am sure little man's ultrasound will be great, he is a strong little guy & will preserver through anything. He has his mum to thank for it (;

  2. I did all this at about this time too. I would say though, skip taking the diaper bag to the hospital. Pack a few outfits for Baby G and then use what the hospital provides such as the diapers and wipes. One, these are less things you have to worry about taking and two, it will save you money. Just some advice :)