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November 18, 2009

Christmas Presents

It's almost that time again... Christmas! This is easily my favorite time of the year and is accompanied by extra anticipation and excitement this season! Because Baby G is due so close to Christmas, it has been one of my projects to have all of our Christmas gifts purchased and wrapped with plenty of time to spare.

With just over a month until Christmas, I am nearly done! This year, we are celebrating five separate times with various sides of each family so this has been no small undertaking! I have a handful of gifts left to purchase, but with very few exceptions, this project is complete!

Since this is our first Chistmas as a married couple, Jonathan and I have decided that we will be starting our own Christmas traditions. As a family, we will be celebrating on Christmas Eve; we will be attending a Chrsitmas Eve church service, eating an eclectic dinner of our favorite foods, and opening gifts. On Christmas morning, we will get up and see if Santa has visited our house and filled our Christmas stockings!

Regarding Santa and how we will be addressing that as we become parents, Jonathan and I have come to an agreement. We don't want to be dishonest with Baby G and any other children that we may have, but we do want our family to experience the "magic" that comes with the Christmas season, while simultaneously understanding the real meaning behind the celebration. As such, Jonathan and I have decided that we will have "Santa" come and fill our stockings for Christmas morning, but our children will know that he is only pretend and that the real reason behind Christmas is the birth of Christ.

Five more weeks until Christmas...

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  1. Very impressive! (I'm excited to have one gift started and one 1/2 done)