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November 4, 2009


Some people love them, some people hate them. Personally, I think that this is a brilliant idea! I ran across this website earlier today. The BabyLegs company sells leg warmers for babies which come in a variety of fun styles and colors!

I read reviews from mothers who have used this product; most state that the leg warmers make diaper changes much easier than wrestling with an infant and a pair of pants! Add to this fact that they are adorable and will keep little legs warm in the arctic Minnesota winters... I have to say that I'm convinced.

Baby G is going to be acquiring a few of these before he makes his big appearance...


  1. They sell some like these at target, you might want to check their prior to buying. I am sure they are alot cheaper.

  2. I like the fire truck ones. I was told to just leave Sophia naked and wrapped up, because you do so much changing and skin to skin is best for breastfeeding, so most of the time, she is naked, with a diaper on of course! But, I do dress her when we go out.