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November 18, 2009

34 Weeks

We are 34 weeks pregnant and it's hard to believe that we only have a few weeks left as a family of two! This past week has been very busy for us, but filled with fun experiences and lessons learned.

Last week, Jonathan and I took the time to meet with a potential pediatrician. It was helpful to sit down with him and talk about our expectations for Baby G and to discuss his philosophies regarding medicine. In the end, Jonathan and I came away from the meeting feeling that he was extremely knowledgeable and that our son would receive quality care from this pediatrician's office. Although we have yet to make a final decision, I think we are very comfortable with the idea of our son receiving medical care through this particular practice.

Later in the week, I was able to spend a little time with Niki, one of my friends from high school who was in the Twin Cities for the weekend! We had coffee and talked about life and friends; it was wonderful to be able to catch-up and talk face-to-face rather than via the internet or by phone!

On a different note, as I look back on this week, I have come to an important conclusion: I am incredibly clumsy. For those that read my blog regularly, I'm sure this does not come as a surprise, thinking back to the legendary butcher knife incident, but my clumsiness has continued to be an issue for me in the past week. On Saturday night, I slipped and fell while walking on a tile floor due to my slippery socks. For those that don't know, falling while pregnant can be a very bad thing; it can cause placental abruption (separation of the placenta from the wall of the uterus) if one were to fall hard enough. Thankfully, I didn't fall very hard so this was a non-issue until Tuesday night, when I slipped yet again on a different tile floor (wearing the same kind of socks) and fell harder. Incidentally, after this second fall, Jonathan and I have agreed that I will no longer be wearing these particular socks without shoes and this goes under the category of lessons learned.

Apart from a sore foot and a bruised ego, I am in one piece, but to ensure that Baby G was fine, we had an NST (Non-stress Test) performed at our 34 week OB appointment. The NST is simply a test where two fetal monitors are placed on the mother's belly which record the baby's heart rate as well as any contractions that are being experienced. The results for our test came back just fine; Baby G is doing great, although he certainly didn't appreciate the monitors, as he continued to kick at them throughout the test!

The remainder of our 34 week appointment went smoothly; we are still expecting that Baby G will be a large baby since he continues to measure several weeks ahead, but he is doing great and is looking very healthy!

In all, this past week was wonderful. Jonathan and I are enjoying the last few weeks that we have as a family of two because before we know it, we will be through the holiday season and will be enjoying life with our newborn baby!

Our countdown to meeting our little boy continues; 34 weeks down, 6 to go...

Week 34 Stats for Baby G:
-Uterine measurement: 38cm
-Heart Rate: 140bpm
-Baby Bump: 48 1/2 inches

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