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November 12, 2009

33 Weeks

Only seven more weeks until we finally get to meet Baby G and we are getting very excited! Every day brings us closer to becoming a family of three and meeting our little boy.

This week has been extremely busy and really has been a roller coaster for our family. Earlier this week, we received news that my blood pressure was too high and we ended up with an unexpected appointment at our OB's office to be tested for pre-ecclampsia. Thankfully, we received the lab results several days later and were relieved to find out that Baby G and I are doing just fine!

Earlier today, Jonathan and I went in for an ultrasound since Baby G was measuring much larger than expected at our last scheduled appointment. The ultrasound tech took quite a few measurements and we found out that our little boy is weighing-in at about 5lbs 13oz already (this is an approximate weight and can give or take one pound). The good news is that my amniotic fluid levels are within normal ranges and Baby G is measuring 35 weeks along!

Also regarding the ultrasound, we asked the technician to double-check the gender and we are indeed having a little boy. There was no mistaking it! This was a relief to me as I was a bit paranoid that the technician could have been wrong in interpreting our earlier ultrasound and that we might end up with a girl, after preparing only for a boy. Well, Baby G is definitely a boy so we can officially put that fear to rest!

Now, for those of you who follow my blog regularly, I have a confession to make: the self-imposed deadline set earlier this week regarding preparations for Baby G's arrival has gone out the window. The only thing that was completed on that list was packing the diaper bag. Our hospital bag needs to be packed and our carseat is still sitting in the nursery; this week has been stressful enough with all of the unusual circumstances that have occurred and I decided to give myself a break. No need to add more stress! I expect that my "list" will be completed within the next week or two, as I find the time.

On a different note, Jonathan and I attended our final Birth and Parenting Preparation class tonight. It's hard to believe that the last six weeks have gone by so quickly, but here we are at the end of a six-week session in the blink of an eye! Looking back, I'm glad that we participated in the classes; they were very educational and I think they really helped us form realistic expectations regarding labor, delivery, and the postpartum period.

With the end of our class, it has really hit home for me that we will be having our baby in just a few weeks! In four more weeks, we will be considered full term and our doctor will not allow us to go beyond eight weeks. It's so strange to think how much our lives will change in just a short time, but it is so exciting!

The countdown to meeting our little boy continues; 33 weeks down, 7 to go...


  1. Praise God that everything is great!!! and going as it should be!

  2. What does it mean your "doctor will not allow us to go beyond eight weeks"?

  3. Our doctor won't let us go beyond 41 weeks of pregnancy (if we were to go overdue) which is in eight weeks. That being said, we're really hoping not go be overdue!!

  4. Gotcha. I too hope that doesn't happen! He may come out full grown!

  5. It was awesome to see your pregnant self the other day! Hope to see you again soon!