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October 19, 2009

The Week of Doctor Visits

This week, we have three separate doctors visits- two for Baby G and one for me! The first doctor appointment this week was a visit to the cardiologist. This was a follow-up appointment to make sure that everything is still working properly with my heart (after our little scare two years ago).

The doctor listened to my heart and talked with me about my heart and pregnancy. I was relieved to find out that Baby G's heart condition has nothing to do with my own and that there is no possibility that he could have inherited it from either Jonathan or myself.

The doctor also told me that the "dizzy spells" I have experienced a few times during pregnancy are not common to all pregnant women as I had previously thought. He explained that most dizzy spells that are experienced during pregnancy occur when a woman bends over or rolls onto her right side; mine have occurred when I have been walking or standing. The doctor told me that they are nothing to be overly concerned about, but to continue to monitor them.

The appointment today was very reassuring and later this week, Jonathan and I have two more set up; on Tuesday, we will be going in for a fetal echo appointment to examine Baby G's heart and on Thursday we will be seeing our regular OB for our 30 week appointment.

We are asking for the thoughts and prayers of family and friends, especially with regards to the appointment on Tuesday. Ideally, we would love to go in and see that there is nothing wrong with our little boy, but short of that, we are hoping that the doctors are able to clearly see what is going on and that it will be nothing serious!

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