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October 13, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle, Anyone?

Despite hitting the third trimester, my desire to complete certain projects hasn't diminished! In typical pregnant, hormonal fashion, I decided today that the tupperware containers in my freezer (holding a total of six meals of soup) were taking up too much space since they were not the shape of a perfect square and were therefore wasting space along the sides of the freezer. To remedy this problem, I thawed each meal and placed them into vacuum freezer bags which fit the shape of the freezer better. Although I realize this may have been taking it a bit to the extreme, I'm desperately trying to make sure that I can fit as many meals as possible into my freezer before Baby G arrives and to do that, I need to maximize on the freezer space [please feel free to take a moment and laugh at the hormonal, pregnant lady now].

If you've read any of my cooking blogs, you can probably imagine that my freezer is a bit on the full side. Including the three meals of chili that I added to the bunch tonight, my compulsion to cook has given us 31 meals cooked and ready for Baby G's arrival and yes, my freezer looks like a jigsaw puzzle. For your amusement, I have included a picture.

Our Personal Frozen Foods Section: 31 Freezer Meals

Beyond working on cooking more meals so that Jonathan and I don't need to cook when our little boy arrives, I have also been trying to get some exercise. I do count this as another "project" since it is not nearly as fun as it used to be. Since I hit the third trimester, I have been forced to reexamine what I am physically able to do.

Before I got pregnant, I would run hard on the treadmill for a half hour, do weights and an abdominal workout. Now that I'm nearly 29 weeks pregnant, I have learned that pushing myself at the gym is not a good idea and I've become satisfied with twenty minutes on the elliptical machine. I hope to be able to continue to exercise until close to Baby G's arrival; I've found that I have much more motivation and energy throughout the day if I make it a point to get in a short workout at the gym.

Other than cooking and exercising, the other projects on my "to-do" list have yet to be completed. There are changing pad covers to be sewn, shower gifts to be put away, and thank-you notes to be written. Thank goodness I have a few more weeks!

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  1. You are crazy!!! I love it! I have to get my thank you cards written out! It's a task that I am dreading. I should get on that.