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October 6, 2009

Fascination with my Ribs

I should start by saying that I love my baby with all of my heart and I love feeling him move and kick. Nothing could possibly compare to the reassurance of feeling that movement on a daily basis.

That being said, I am puzzled; what is my son's fascination with my right ribs? It seems as though every time that I sit forward or sit up from a prone position that some part of him (presumably his little feet from the movements I've felt) are jammed up inside my rib cage on the right side. I'm certainly not complaining- it's not terribly uncomfortable and even if it was, I am grateful that Baby G is healthy and growing, but why only my right ribs?

Last I checked, I had two sides to my rib cage and they were both equally comfortable for baby feet. What is going on in there?


  1. Baby M also preferred my right ribs. Not sure why, but when he drops, it will feel a bit better. :D

  2. That's cute! My little one prefered my bladder but hey, that's what us moms are for right?

  3. Just found your blog from bump to check out the recipes. We're also freezing meals. My LO has feet and sometimes a hiney right up in my right ribs also. Actually, almost all day every day. At home, if I pat his hiney, he pulls it in. But not at work. He thinks he'll put it where he wants to put it. :) Good luck!