October 5, 2009

Common Courtesy

Jonathan and I went to the Twins baseball game on Saturday. To get there and to get back, we took the light rail from a Park & Ride station down to the Dome. The ride there is about a half-hour and it's tricky to keep one's balance riding on a normal day, let alone when you're pregnant!

On the way down to the Dome, there was an empty seat so I sat my tired, pregnant body down. Across the aisle, there was a group of college guys, very excited about the upcoming game. The ride to the Dome wasn't unpleasant and we arrived quickly.

The game itself was wonderful, but what happened after the game was truly surprising to me. There were over 48,000 people at the Dome so I expected the train ride back to the Park & Ride to be packed, but I didn't expect to ride back with several of the same people.

The train pulled up to the Dome and Jonathan and I were some of the first people to walk inside, along with the same group of college guys and a throng of other people. The college guys bolted for the seats and one of them sat down before anyone else could sit. Normally, this wouldn't have irritated me, but the fact that I looked extremely pregnant and was exhausted made the fact that there were no open seats truly frustrating. To add insult to injury, the man sitting looked me in the eye, clearly noticed that I was pregnant and having a hard time standing with the train jerking around, and did nothing.

After roughly half the train ride, the group of college guys exited at a stop. What happened next restored my faith in the common courtesy of humanity. Several people who had been standing with me immediately made sure that the vacated seat was open for me, giving me the ability to sit and rest my tired feet!

I never thought I would be so grateful for a chance to sit down. Furthermore, the consideration of the other people on the train was truly wonderful and I genuinely appreciated it more than I could have possibly expressed.

This whole experience made it clear to me that chivalry is dying. Yes, there are considerate people and gentlemen left in the world today; thankfully I am married to one and I have the privilege of knowing several others, but they are truly the exception rather than the rule. As a mother, this strengthened my resolve to teach my son how to be selfless and chivalrous; to follow the example of the people who would watch out for the well-being of others, rather than turning a blind-eye.

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  1. Oh, I know how you feel! I felt the same way on the way back from the Twins game that we all went to. Not to mention the fact that my 35 week pregnant feet were the size of sausages and they hurt so bad!!!! and we were sandwiched between to bicycles.

    I do, however, think that some people don't step forward, because of feminism. More and more people avoid opening doors and helping women in fear that they will be considered as a harasser or offensive, therefore, they make you stand. And, some people are just lazy and don't care!! Enjoy those empty seats when they come along!