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October 22, 2009

30 Weeks

Baby G and I are now 30 weeks with only ten more to go until he arrives! Like I've been saying all along, I am still hoping that he arrives earlier than ten weeks, more along the lines of seven to eight, but after talking with the doctor at our appointment today, Jonathan and I learned that we will go no farther than eleven weeks before we become a family of three!

The idea of becoming a family of three is both wonderful and frightening. While Jonathan and I are thrilled to meet Baby G and have him as a part of our family, it will mean drastic changes for us. Looking ahead to these changes this past week, I have found that my emotions jump from thrilled and excited to scared and apprehensive with little warning. It's difficult to imagine what our lives will be like with another little person being completely dependent on us, but it is an adventure that Jonathan and I are truly excited to begin!

This last week has been positive and filled with blessings in so many different ways. On Tuesday, Jonathan and I went in for our fetal echo appointment and received good news that Baby G is doing very well. We are also making progress with the nursery as the letters which spell out our little boy's name are now painted and ready to be hung!

On a personal note, I have found that I am experiencing more exhaustion this week which is to be expected as we progress farther into the third trimester. The exhaustion is not extreme, but it is vaguely reminiscent of the way that I felt throughout the first trimester. Overall though, I am still feeling good; I am sleeping quite a bit (enjoying it while I can before going back to what I can only imagine will feel somewhat like the sleep schedule I kept while in college) and am still able to exercise at the gym, albeit with some strange looks from other people who are working out alongside me! Baby G is moving consistently and both Jonathan and I love feeling his little hands and feet moving around inside of my belly!

And so we begin the countdown to meeting our little boy; 30 weeks down, 10 to go...

Week 30 Stats for Baby G:
-Uterine measurement: 32cm
-Heart Rate: 140 bpm
-Baby Bump: 45 1/2 inches

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