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October 14, 2009

29 Weeks

Well folks, Baby G and I have officially made it to 29 weeks! This last week has been pretty good for us. I've found that I had a bit more energy overall, so I've filled my time with projects like getting some exercise, washing clothes, and cooking! While this sounds productive and I'm sure you're all very impressed, if you could see the state of my house right now, I'm quite certain you would either laugh or immediately whip out your latex gloves and offer to help me clean! Yes, the cleaning has definitely suffered a bit around here this last week. That is one of my goals for this evening- to clean my kitchen, pick up my living room, and fold the heaps of laundry that Jonathan lovingly nicknamed "Mt. Clothes."

Beyond all of the things that I've been able to accomplish this week, Baby G is doing very well. He continues to be very active and has (so far) been quite considerate of not kicking mama's ribs! We don't have any new information on Baby G's heart murmur as of yet since our next doctor's appointment will be on the 20th (next Tuesday), but Jonathan and I are both eager to find out more about what's going on with our little boy! We are continuing to hope and pray that everything is fine and that he grows out of this murmur on his own.

Besides my projects and our little boy, Jonathan had a very big weekend! He spent it in Chicago and ran the Chicago Marathon on Sunday! The weather turned out to be significantly colder than was predicted so the race was very difficult. Despite ending up with a case of hypothermia, Jonathan finished in 3:14:11! He spent a half hour in the medical tent before being released and is thankfully just fine, although he is adamant that he is retiring from running marathons!

All in all, it's been a very good week for us. Now to tackle all of that cleaning...

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