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September 23, 2009

My Life as a Wife and Mama

I thought a long time about what my first blog post on here should contain. In the end, I decided that I should talk about my life overall and what it's like right now, as there have been so many changes in the last year.

A year ago today, I was a student at Bethel University. I was engaged to the love of my life, Jonathan, and excitedly planning our wedding that would take place in January. I was looking forward to graduating from college, going on vacation to Hawaii, getting married, and finding a new job. Life had a few more surprises in mind...

I graduated in December of 2008, went on one of the most relaxing vacations imaginable, and got married. Finding a job was more than challenging, given the economy, but I managed to find something tolerable. I didn't love the job, but I loved the clients so I planned to work for awhile while continuing to seek out employment in my field.

Our biggest surprise came about three months after our wedding when I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. For those interested, you can read the full story here. Since then, our lives have changed drastically and both Jonathan and I have learned many important lessons along the way.

My life right now consists of my husband and son- the two most important people in my life. Jonathan keeps me grounded in my life and my faith, reminding me to trust in God when my fears set in and threaten to sweep me away. My little boy constantly reminds me what a miracle life truly is and feeling him move and kick has been a joy to Jonathan and I.

My life is also made up of many little projects. I left my job shortly after finding out that I was pregnant and have found many things with which to fill the hours. I have rekindled my love of reading and am constantly in need of new books. I have spent many hours working on the nursery for my son and it is now almost finished. Currently, I am working on sewing covers for changing pads. I have also connected with other pregnant women on the internet, and have made many new friends whose advice and encouragement have prevented many of my worries.

My life has become expectant, looking forward and toward the future while still living in the moment and being grateful for each and every day. As a mama, I have learned that there is so much that is out of my control, a difficult lesson for someone like myself. Each day, I wake up and am grateful for the day that I have been given, for another day with my husband and son.

My life is one filled with blessings. It is far too easy for me to overlook how God has worked in my life and has filled it abundantly; nevertheless, it is true. He has blessed me with a husband and son, a home, family and friends, and fulfillment through Him. There are many aspects to my life today and certainly far too many to condense into a single blog posting, but these are several of the biggest parts of my life. They make me who I am today and shape the person I will become.

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