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September 29, 2009

Late-Night Kitchen Adventures

Ladies and gentlemen, the fun continues! For those of you asking how many meals I plan on cooking before Baby G arrives and what I've cooked so far, I thought you would be interested to know what is currently sitting in my freezer. For your amusement, I have compiled a list:

1. Soup: Turkey (1 meal), Chicken Wild Rice (5 meals)
2. Cassarole: Poppy Seed Chicken Cassarole (1 meal), Chicken Hotdish (1 meal)
3. Pasta: Four Cheese and Sausage Stuffed Manicotti (1 meal), Spaghetti Pie (2 meals)
4. Chicken: Swiss Chicken (2 meals), Chicken Parmesan (1 meal), Oatmeal Chicken (6 meals)
5. Vegetables: Stuffed Peppers (3 meals)

In total, I currently have twenty-three meals sitting in my freezer (please see photos below) and I plan to make more. Tonight's cooking adventure will likely take the form of Chicken Cacciatori. Although this cooking has significantly diminished any extra room I have in my freezer, I have to reflect on the fact that I have learned how to cook many things I wouldn't otherwise have made. All in all, this nesting has been very educational. Now if it would only inspire me to clean my kitchen...

The main part of my freezer. Cassaroles, soups, pasta, and chicken dinners.

The door of the freezer. Entirely made up of chicken dinners.


  1. I was actually thinking that I would like to see a picture of your freezer :D
    I am no where near 23 dishes! I have 4! My goal is 10. Although, I did freeze 8 slices of chocolate cake and I do plan on making banana chocolate chip cake and freezing that too! I wish I had the energy that you do!

  2. !! Okay so why haven't we ever hung out? You are so my kinda girl!