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September 25, 2009

The Compulsion to Cook

Over the last two weeks, something strange has happened when I enter my kitchen; instead of asking myself, "What would be a simple, easy dinner?" I have now begun asking, "What delicious, gourmet meal should I make tonight?" It is this strange, foreign compulsion to cook that has caused me to make twelve meals that are now sitting in my freezer awaiting the arrival of Baby G. It is this same compulsion that had me sitting in bed with my husband last night, telling him that twelve meals just isn't enough preparation for when our baby arrives- I need to make more!

I began looking for another freezer online when this compulsion first struck, after quickly realizing that I will be rapidly running out of room for any sort of frozen food. Although I found some decent deals, Jonathan and I eventually agreed that we don't need another appliance increasing our energy bill and, as such, I will make-do with our normal-sized freezer.

Now, as I peer into my own personal frozen foods section, I wonder how I am going to fit more meals into this tiny box. I simply can't stop cooking; that would run contrary to how my nesting instinct has decided to rear it's ugly head, but how to solve this dilema? The only solution I have come to thus far has been "small meals" a.k.a. meals that can be placed in the freezer in saran wrap rather than a tupperware or a baking dish. It is my earnest hope that this allows me to fit many more meals into my freezer... or God help us all when I have to deny this cooking compulsion!

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