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September 29, 2009

The Baby Monitor Blog

Recently, I ordered two baby monitors from Babies R Us. I purchased a movement sensor to use initially when the baby arrives, as well as a video monitor which will be used for the first several years.

Both items arrived in the mail today and I immediately began to have a pregnancy crisis. I couldn't decide if I liked them and wanted to keep the monitors, for various reasons. Although I had previously been very decisive about wanting a movement sensor, I realized that it may not be worth the money or trouble of carrying an extra handset around the house. The video monitor was very nice, but the screen was extremely small, only 1.8" inches from corner to corner.

In the midst of my hormonal crisis, I called my husband and my mother and discussed the issue with both of them. In the end, Jonathan and I decided to return both of the baby monitors and buy a different video monitor with a larger screen.

I found the best deal possible on the monitor we wanted, the Summer Infant Best View Digital Video Baby Monitor. This monitor has a 2.5" screen and is digital, which only allows the parent handset to see what the camera sees (as opposed to other monitors where your neighbors could potentially see your baby if they have the same brand of monitor).

I purchased our monitor today and brought it home, eager to try it out. It was very easy to set up and the rechargeable batteries were already in the unit. I turned it on and was shocked by the excellent picture of my baby's crib. It was clear and easy to see, even in the black and white night-vision mode. The audio also works extremely well and is very sensitive to any noise in the room.

I'm really glad we ended up purchasing this particular monitor. It's definitely not one of the cheapest monitors on the market today, but the quality picture and audio, as well as a small handset with a large screen, make this one of the best baby purchases we've made so far!

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