July 2, 2015

Summer Surprise

Berry Surprise
Bowl O' Berries
Little Monsters
I've abandoned our poor little garden this summer, largely due to a distinct lack of time these days. (And it may or may not have anything to do with the horde of mosquitoes that are always hovering in our treeline just waiting for me to step a toe into the backyard.) Bloodsuckers notwithstanding, my garden has been entirely overtaken by weeds and I've been doing my best to ignore it and not to feel sympathy for the neighbors who are forced to look at my atrocious mess every day.

Side note, deep inside I do feel bad. Just not bad enough to use my five minutes of free time to go week the dang thing. I figure I'll get to it... next summer.

Earlier this week while the wee ones and I were outside, I noticed something red poking out of the weeds. The kids and I went over to investigate and I was downright shocked to see not one or two, but an entire garden full of strawberries! I sent Nathaniel inside to grab a bowl and we started picking. It was amazing- the weeds had actually worked in our favor by hiding the berries from the birds, a far cry from last summer when we had a grand total of one berry from our garden thanks to a hungry flock.

So now I feel slightly justified in surrendering my garden to the mass of weeds. At least we'll get some strawberries out of the deal so all around, I'm calling it a win.

June 30, 2015


Swing Time
Little Mary has been absolutely enthralled with her swing lately. Though we may be shooting ourselves in the foot later on, we let her nap in her swing every afternoon and she adores it, sleeping soundly for several hours. We acquired the swing off of Craigslist early on in my pregnancy with her and it has been one of the best baby items we've used so far. It's got music, rain noises, lights, and little sheep that go in a circle above her head. And best of all... you can turn the swing with a push of a button. Considering that her nap time also doubles as my TV/folding laundry time, being able to turn her easily without picking up the entire mechanism feels like such a luxury!

Nathaniel and Evelyn are busy outside, as always. Lately, they've been having loads of fun playing in their sandbox... though they do struggle with the concept of closing it back up before a huge thunderstorm. Now we have our very own personal pond underneath the playset. In other words, we're breeding mosquitoes like it's going out of style.

June 24, 2015

These Guys

Father's Day
This past weekend, we had the chance to celebrate just how amazing Jonathan is and how much he means to our little family. It was a fantastic day to remember all that he does for our family and to be able to do some extra special things for him.

We kicked off our day with church and a coffee run (because Lord knows you need the caffeine when you're setting an alarm in the middle of the night to feed your infant). After a quick lunch at home, Jonathan spent some time working on his bike to prep for an upcoming race and then he got to bike with the two older kids for awhile while I kept our littlest one happy and made one of his favorite dinners. Then it was time for gifts and the surprise the kids had been just bursting at the seams to tell him about all day long- a chocolate cake that they had decorated all by themselves. And yes, the blue and green frosting was heaped on that cake!!

It was such a great day to be able to spend as a family and to celebrate the man that leads our family with such love and grace. At the end of the day, I couldn't make it without him and I'm so glad to have him next to me as we ride the roller coaster of parenthood together!

June 23, 2015


At the Doctor
In the Fort
Mary is getting stronger these days so she spent a little time sitting up in her high chair recently (supported in by the tray, of course). Per usual, she was entranced by her blue octopus and loved reaching for the plastic play rings. And then she was done sitting up. Very, very done.

Evelyn recently had a little run-in with her older brother's foot at the neighbor's house. To hear them tell it, it sounds as though the monkey bars were to blame and, I suspect, two kids that weren't watching where they were going. Thanks to some weird bruises, she got a quick visit to the pediatrician the next day (because it wouldn't be right if we missed a week there, right?). Thankfully, everything looked just fine and she even got a sticker for her immense bravery.

Nathaniel's been busy playing in the outdoor fort that he, Daddy, and Uncle Chris built against our huge pine tree. After watching his dad and uncle build the big parts, this strong little boy decided that he wanted to build some "windows" in the fort, so he started dragging pieces of scrap wood out of Jonathan's pile and adding them as finishing touches to his home away from home. He's definitely creative, that one.

June 11, 2015


Mister Octopus
Big Girl Bike
Last Day of School
In the last week or so, this wee one has become absolutely enamored with the blue octopus that lives on her play gym. I picked it up at Target while she was still a newborn, feeling a little guilty that her older siblings had copious amounts of toys while she didn't have much to look at and play with, but that's all changed now. Whenever I lay her on the play gym, she's immediately drawn to that blue eight-legged creature and loves staring at him while she hangs onto those plastic rings for dear life.

It was a red-letter week around these parts because Evelyn finally got her very own big girl bike! After practicing by riding the little red trike around the patio over and over and over, she got to go to the bike shop and pick out a very purple bike (with pink streamers, of course). She's not far behind her big brother these days and watching Jonathan teach her how to ride like a grown up has been so sweet!

School's out for the summer and this guy couldn't be more excited. He's started compiling a list of things he wants to do- running in the sprinklers, the zoo, a few beach trips, and much, much more.