June 28, 2016

Meeting the Specialist

Baby Boy 3D This week has brought about one of our highly-anticipated baby appointments, the meeting with the perinatologist. Due to a thyroid condition that I wrote about here, we have had a little extra monitoring with my pregnancies to ensure that my body isn't causing any problems for baby. While all indicators so far had been full speed ahead, it's always a little nerve-wracking to go in for this kind of appointment, especially if you're armed with the knowledge of the myriad of things that could potentially go wrong.

We were fortunate enough to get an ultrasound technician who took her time looking all over baby's tiny body, taking detailed measurements, and even giving us a few souvenir 3D shots of our little boy's face (using my placenta as a built-in pillow). It was breathtaking to see his little body- especially his tiny heart- in such amazing detail.

Once the scan was done, we spoke with the specialist who, despite some confusion on when I was actually due to give birth, reassured us that baby is looking healthy, strong, and slightly big (which basically puts him on track for being about the same size as his brothers and sisters at birth). She did recommend that we have one more ultrasound next month, just as a precaution, to be certain that baby is still growing properly, but at the present, we really couldn't ask for any better results.

This little boy is healthy, strong, and developing a serious soccer kick that will be rivaling his brother's in short order. And with all the babies that are arriving to friends this summer, let's just say we are eagerly counting down the days until this little boy is in our arms too!

May 31, 2016

Boy or Girl?

Gender Reveal Party
Gender Reveal Party
Gender Reveal Party
Gender Reveal Party
In our house, we firmly believe that every baby should be celebrated. Since this baby is our fourth, we are pretty well-stocked in the baby gear department so we definitely didn't need a baby shower, but we still wanted to celebrate this little one with some of our closest family and friends! We had never done a gender reveal party before so we decided to go out with a bang with our fourth child.

After a bit of planning and a whole lot of excitement when Jonathan and I found out the results at our ultrasound earlier in the week, we were ready to reveal whether we would be adding a whole lot more pink or blue to our family. The grandmas cut the cake and the kids got to be the first to find out... that they are getting a baby brother (which was what they had their hearts set on from the very beginning)!

We are so excited to even up the numbers in our house in just a few more months! We are already counting the days... and so are the wee ones!

May 30, 2016

One More Time

Little Foot
So apparently we have a bit of catching-up to do in this little space, especially since this little one is getting closer and closer to making an appearance and I don't want to completely forget what it's been like to gestate this tiny person!

After Mary was born, we were pretty set on being a family of five. In fact, we were so certain of that fact that we made plans to make our decision permanent, but as the day grew closer and closer, I started to feel more and more unsettled with our choice. I saw our older two kids playing together so well and I realized how much more fun (and chaotic) our family would be with another child close in age to Mary. So after a lot of discussions and prayers, we cancelled our appointment and made the leap, hoping that we would be fortunate enough to get pregnant quickly.

God was so good. We were certain that we wouldn't get pregnant right away since things with Mary took a bit of trying, but on December 27th, just weeks after we had begun trying, we found out that we would be a family of six! It's going to be crazy around here in the fall... but we are embracing the chaos, one more time.

Welcome to the family, baby number four!

May 27, 2016

Last Day in Uniform

Last Day in Uniform Last Day in Uniform
We're already to the close of another school year. In just a handful of days, Nathaniel will be graduating from Kindergarten (complete with cap and gown and copious tears from his mother) and Evelyn will be done with preschool. It seems odd to be at the end of this era in our lives- with the older two both being in full-time school next fall, and yet at the same time, I find myself not wanting to rush through things and to embrace the luxury that summer will bring with it's sunshine and relaxed schedules.

Though we have big plans for summer break, we are awfully excited about how things have gone this year at school. Evelyn went from not knowing her letters to being able to read and spell small words. And my big almost-first-grader is reading at a solid second grade level, which means that spelling words discretely between Jonathan and I is now a thing of the past, especially anything that involves i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m.

It's been amazing watching these two learn and grow, but we're all looking forward to having them home this summer, none more so than Mary. She adores having them around and loves playing with them, even if they don't always embrace her style of playing/destroying their Lego houses. Nevertheless, we're pushing our way through the last few days- one more day each and the finale field trip of the year to the Child Mecca otherwise known as Nickelodeon Universe- and once it's all done, we'll be kicking back in the sunshine and running through the sprinkler for the next three months!

November 3, 2015

Because Treats are Her Love Language

Trick or Treat
Trick or Treat
This little corner of the internet has been quiet lately. Once again, I've debated whether or not I want to continue writing here and to be honest, I haven't decided. Part of me loves this little creative outlet that I've carved out for myself and being able to look back to see what our lives were like in 2009 is such a fun blast from the past. But life moves so quickly for us these days as a family of five, and my free time is often taken up with school volunteer hour projects (because I refuse to pay those bad boys off) or simply collapsing on the couch next to my husband after a long day of loving and playing referee to the tiniest members of our family.

For now, I found myself with an extra few moments (though that has officially ended as a certain tiny woke up and is now lying next to me on the bed while I type as fast my fingers will go) and I wanted to share two little snippets of our life lately.

This past weekend was Halloween and we geared ourselves up with a Stormtrooper costume, a Princess Belle gown, and a lamb getup (because the association with Mary wearing the little lamb costume was just too good to pass up this year). My sweet sister Anna joined us as Minnie Mouse and we were off with Nathaniel sprinting down the street and Evelyn on his heels, yelling CANDY!!! WHO-HOO!! at the top of her lungs. Oh, that sweet girl. We continue to joke that her love language is treats... looking back at old Halloween photos, it's pretty easy to believe.

It was a far cry from trick or treating last year when Nathaniel ran off with the neighbor boys and Evelyn had to be carried the entire time after walking a block. This year, we walked up and down our little neighborhood streets, collecting candy and having a grand old time... except for the part where a woman grabbed Evie and started pulling her into the house. That was one pre-Halloween talk that we didn't think to have with the kids and let's just say that the adults ran up to that door really, really fast! (Sidebar: it all turned out fine and the woman ended up being a sweet lady who was mentally handicapped... but until we realized what was actually going on, it was downright scary.)

All in all, the night was a raving success. Copious amounts of candy were collected and the kids consumed far more sugar than was advisable before bedtime. The mom candy tax was also collected and THANK GOD there were some Reeses Peanut Butter Cups in the bunch. And yes, I did manage to save one or two for the kids.

Huge thanks to my sister for joining us- the kids had a blast with their Auntie along for the ride. And I think it's safe to say that the countdown for next Halloween has already begun... at least for Evelyn.